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common ground

A class designed for adult contemporary dancers with an adventurous spirit.Spring workshops are sold out. Follow us on IG @itscommonground for updates on new dates.

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You're Invited

To experience a dance in a new way.
No two classes are alike, allowing to you grow in ways traditional classes don't.

The Problem

Most classes follow the same format:Warm up > Across the floor > ChoreographyAll of these elements are great (and we use them too), but they don’t allow space for innovation and play, the development of artistic instinct, or a real understanding of how our bodies work and why.

The solution

A class designed to touch every aspect of dance.

we call these

the Five pillars of dance

made for dancers like you

Every class explores new concepts that address the Five Pillars of Dance, allowing dancers to deepen their understanding of their own bodies and choices in a warm, welcoming environment.

our approach

Four principles

Each Common Ground class is guided by four key principles.

1. No mirrors: Trust your physical intelligence: Feel, don't mimic2. Own your experience: Each dancer owns their learning journey and energy. Questions encouraged3. Stay in the “sweet spot”: Feel challenged, stay confident, avoid overwhelm.4.Beginner's mindset always: Embrace curiosity for continuous insights.


I'm april

I’ll be your friendly workshop facilitator.I moved to this area from Southern California, where I ran a studio for adults and a contemporary performance company for eleven years before selling it to move to the East Coast. I love improv, floor work, and choreographic challenges.More importantly, I love welcoming dancers into the studio space and giving them room to learn, sweat, and make new discoveries. Can’t wait to meet you!



Who is this class for?
This class is for adults only and caters to advanced beginners through advanced dancers. Our approach offers options, but it's not suitable for those new to dance.
Equally important is who this class isn't for: it's not for dancers who prefer to show up, follow instructions, and head home. There's nothing wrong with a straightforward dance style, but this experience is best enjoyed with an open spirit.

When and where does it take place?
Every second Saturday of the month, from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.
Location: 29 Bridge St, Salem, MA 01970

What's the cost?
The workshop is priced at $20 for a two-hour session.

What should I expect?
Anticipate a welcoming space, ample dance, and a few new challenges for your mind and body.
It's not a wild experience; rather, it's a thoughtful and deliberate approach to contemporary dance. You'll encounter a mix of familiar elements with some fresh approaches.

How do I sign up?

common ground

29 Bridge St | Salem, MA 01970